Picture Storytelling for Business Growth

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Online Course: Picture Storytelling for Business Growth

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Customer Feedback on Picture Storytelling

Valued customers share their experiences. Here's what our community has to say about the course that will maximize your impact and minimize your time behind the screen!


Martine Keukenkamp


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Karin. She provided tremendous support during the launch of my online coaching business. Karin is a pleasure to work with - professional, collaborative, proactive, and has a keen eye for opportunities that may not be apparent to you (yet). She is a skilled photographer, copywriter and storyteller who can fully engage you visually and textually with her narrative. I wholeheartedly recommend her course!


Nduwa Mukaba Chiponge


The fact that Karin is able to communicate emotions and share her perception through simple forms of media, like pictures, videos, and music, is truly remarkable. It's also great to see that her work transcends cultural, racial, and generational boundaries, making it accessible to a wide audience. Overall, Karin has a unique and powerful way of creating and sharing content that resonates with many different people. It's always inspiring to see artists who are able to convey such complex emotions and ideas through their work.


Liesbeth van Oorschot

School leader for Bilingual Kids

With passion and remarkable talent Karin manages to capture the essence of a moment and she teaches business owners how this skill can benefit them! She has a keen eye for capturing emotions and genuine connections between people, animals, nature and objects. The stories she is telling through her pictures are authentic and leave a lasting impression. Thank you Karin for showing me the true art of picture storytelling in your empathic and professional way. I feel confident to go on a journey for my own business!


Rick Uilkema

Designer and Online Entrepreneur

Karin is the one who can change your perspective for the better. She taught me how you can take your customers along on a journey they don't want to miss, and her strategy helped me to have more impact with less time behind the screen. My business is running like never before. Pictures really do say more than a thousand words.