Training Office Policies and Procedures Manual Update

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As a Registered Training Office with SAICA, you are required to compile and implement Training Office Policies and Procedures. These formally documented policies, amongst other things, set out policies and procedures that the Training Office follows around the training programme, training regulations, assessments, moderation, CPD, Audit Development Programme, etc. It also assists the trainee accountants in understanding the requirements throughout their training contract, and the supervisors/managers around their tasks in successfully supervising the trainee accountants.

ProBeta Training has compiled a generic manual, which must be tailored by the respective Training Office, assisting in outlining policies and procedures regarding the firm's minimum training, assessment, and CPD requirements. As well as the provision of suggested standardised forms in order to address various policies.

This manual ensures that the relevant role-players understand and follow the SAICA and Training Office procedures in order to ensure the efficient and effective administration of the training programme and also assists the training officer in preparation for the training office visit. It will also assist in understanding the assessment process as prescribed by SAICA.

This manual includes policies and procedures around the 2016 and CA2025 training programmes, with guidance thereon.

For your convenience, this manual is provided to you in an electronic format for ease of access and editing as well as a reference by way of an interactive index.

All specimen documentation is therefore in an electronic format for tailoring and filing. We strongly recommend that you ensure that the manual is tailored to your firm's requirements, train your staff on the relevant details, and implement this manual within the firm.

Release date: 2022




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